Men's and Women's Open
Prizes for Men's and Women's Open (sand) Divisions include Cash & Merchandise, or Both.  Distributions for the Open Division are determined by entrant numbers. Payouts (checks) are usually mailed out on Wednesday after completion of tournament.

2018 Prize Structure (Dependent on # of Teams, below are based off sold-out):
1st              $1,300(Men with more teams) $1,200 (Women with fewer teams) + Clothing & 2 Molten Volleyballs
2nd             $700(Men) $600 (Women) + Clothing & 2 Molten Volleyballs
3rd(2x)        $400(Men) $350(Women) + Clothing
5th(2x)        $250(Men) $200(Women)
7th(2x)        2 Balls ($90 Value)
9th(4x)        Gift Card ($50 Value)

64 Teams @ $120 per = $7,680.  Total Payout is ~$8,040~ plus shirts for all participants.

All Other Divisions

Beach Bash Doubles Volleyball provides prizes for all divisions, based on the 3:2:1 prize standard for a minimum of 12 teams.  (3 times value of entry fee for 1st, two times for second, and even money for third).  Adjustments are sometimes made for unusually large divisions or divisions of less than 12 teams.  Prizes typically distributed include:

AA Grass Divisions also get Cash Money: If we meet the minimum of 10 teams, per team payout, 1st $200, 2nd $100. 18-24 teams 1st $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100 

$50                    Molten Game Balls
$50                    Wilson Backpacks, Various Styles    
$40                    Hooded Sweatshirts
$35                    Long Sleeve Dry Fits
$30                    Short Sleeve Dry Fits
$15                    T Shirts
???                      Misc Gift Certificates* for Local Vendors