Beach Bash Doubles Schedule 

Open Sand Divisions: Saturday @ The Island

7:00am-11:00pm All Day Play, Island Open Divisions, 6 indoor and 2 outdoor courts.
9:00pm-Close Island/VOTR Party

AA/A Sand Divisions: Saturday/Sunday @ Garland Park, Lakewood Park & The Island
8:00am-6:00pm All Day Play For Men's & Women's 1 Day Format (Weather Permitting)
8:00am-6:00pm All Day Play For Coed 1 Day Format (Weather Permitting)


Sunday Sand @ The Island
8:00-3:00pm Men's and Women's Dino 80 & Dino 100 Sand Play
12:00pm-9:30pm Continuation of Island Open Divisions, remaining 12 teams per gender
7:30pm Men's Final (Times approximate and may be adjusted)
8:30pm Women's Final (Times approximate and may be adjusted)


Saturday GRASS @ Washington & Harvard Gulch Park
8:30am Check-In Men's Divisions (AA/A @ Washington Park.  BB/B  @ Harvard Gulch)
8:45am Check-In Women's Divisions (AA/A @ Washington Park.  BB/B  @ Harvard Gulch)
9:00am Check-in COED & JUNIORS (AA/A @ Washington Park.  Juniors/BB/B  @ Harvard Gulch)
8:30am–2(ish) Tournament Play
2:00pm-6:00pm Playoffs: All Grass Divisions